Yoga basics

Yoga and bare feet.   Having bare feet during a yoga session means stability, allowing balanced contact with the floor.  Also, working with bare feet provides for all the muscles in the feet to strengthen and stretch on a yoga mat.   

Wear clothes that can stretch or move, that allows you to move around comfortably. If you’re doing a gentle, slower class, then dress warm and if it’s a more rigorous class, wear shorts and a t-shirt or a tank top. Wear what makes you feel good. 

The Yoga mindset

Everything we do, whether it’s a yoga pose, a meditation, a mantra or a breathing technique, has the purpose of encouraging us to connect to our bodies and our life experience in a more meaningful way. 

Yoga’s origins come from a deeply-felt drive for self-understanding, physical and emotional release, and total well being. It’s much more than the physical experience of a yoga pose. It digs deep into the reality of who you are, what you want, and why you are here. 

Is Yoga right for you?

Yoga is for everyone.  Yoga is in no way exclusive. It’s possible that you have a certain condition or a recent injury that makes it challenging or dangerous to do certain types of yoga, specific poses or breathing techniques, but there will likely be safe alternatives that an experienced yoga instructor can help you with. 

Your first yoga class, where to begin?

If you have never done yoga before, the best place to begin for most people is with a beginner level basic class.  This class introduces foundational yoga postures, teaches you how to breathe, and helps you feel more comfortable in the yoga practice at a much slower pace. 

How often should I do Yoga?

If you’re able to practice yoga three times or more per week, you will likely see significant improvements in areas such as flexibility, joint range of motion, strength, balance, ability to manage stress, quality of sleep, happiness and overall well being. 

Benefits of Yoga

It’s a practice that is both physical exercise, helping improve toning, stamina, posture, strength, balance, and flexibility, as well as a discipline that helps you de-stress, relax, feel healthier and more energetic.

Still have questions?